Have an Appointment?

  Remote Support is a fast and easy way to
troubleshoot computer issues, especially if you are having a hard time trying
to explain what’s wrong. Once you have scheduled an appointment, 
or have been directed here, click on the button above and you will be connected with support online.
Please remember that remote support is only offered by appointment
or if you have been directed here.

Once you're ready to connect, follow these instructions

  1. Select the 'Access Remote Support' button above. This will open a new tab

  2. Select the option that says 'Download Remote Support'

  3. When prompted, select 'Run'

  4. The program will then download and begin installing. You may receive a warning that asks you if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer. You must select 'Yes.' Please allow about 2-4 minutes for the program to install

  5. Once installed, you'll be presented with a page that reads, 'Disclaimer'

  6. Once read, click on 'Accept,' fill in your name and click 'Submit'

  7. At that point, we should be connected. You're on your way to fixing your computer!